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The huge library of Music Theory Online resources can be used in 3 different ways:

Music Theory Online: Packages

Resources for Schools

Music Theory Online works with schools all over the world. We consult with teachers and have a syllabus that suits most class’s requirements. With our vast video tutorial library for ABRSM grades 1-5 we have students who have achieved success all over the world with our courses. Please get in touch, we'd be happy to supply more details to you.

Lifetime Total Access

Receive total lifetime access to all our pre-recorded videos and resources so that you can work on your own, at your own pace to complete every individual stage of Grade (1-5) of your ABRSM Theory Exams. You can register for lifetime access for only £129.99 , simply click on the link below.

One to One Tuition

Our one to one tuition package is the most beneficial to students who want to fast track to examination success. With lessons tailored to suit the individual learner, through personal one to one tuition: Screen sharing where you ‘share’ and study the syllabus together in real time. Audio contact via Skype or telephone landline, with access to a huge library of worked examples, pre-recorded tutorials and online tests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Theory Online

Does the website cater for the higher grades – six, seven and eight?

At present the website covers the complete syllabus for grades 1-5.

I don’t own a PC, can I still use the website resources with my mobile?

Yes, the website is mobile friendly with all features working seamlessly for PC, tablet or mobile.

I’m thinking of studying music theory. What’s the difference between ABRSM & Trinity College London?

The ABRSM syllabus is more traditional than Trinity. However the early grades for both boards focus on broadly the same areas: notation, scales, keys, time, performance directions, intervals and triads. ABRSM  and Trinity are accredited at the same level.

Can I try the resources before I buy?

Yes, just go to our resources page to see what’s on offer.

How much does it cost for One To One lessons?

One to one personal tuition takes place in real-time via the internet. Lessons are usually 30 minutes in duration but can be scheduled for an hour if requested. If you decide to have a course of one to one personal lessons the recurring fee is £15.95. This gives you access to all resources online. If you just require a one-off lesson the fee for 30 minutes is £16.95.

I don’t have a Skype account, can I still have One To One lessons?

If you don’t have a Skype account no problem.  Skype can be downloaded for free and takes about 2 minutes to set up.  You could however still have one to one lessons without Skype but instead using the sharing tool within the website.

How long does it take to be ready to sit the grade 5 exam?

This depends on many factors.  If you are completely new to music theory you will need to spend some time getting to grips with the fundamentals. It’s usual for the more mature student to work at a faster pace. Also, how much time can you spend studying each week. A general rule for an average student would be 6 to 12 months with one personal one to one lesson per week.

I am currently studying the Trinity College London syllabus. Would this website still be useful?

Yes, the two syllabus’s are very similar and most of the resources are interchangeable with each examining body.

I need to pass my grade 5 theory exam as quickly as possible. Should I sign up for One To One lessons or just use the website resources?

If you sign up for one to one lessons you’ll be able to fast track to success in the shortest time possible.  Your personal tutor can answer your questions immediately. However if you’re focused you can find all the necessary information within the website resources.

Try Before You Buy!

Music Theory Online is the perfect resource to help you achieve success in your music theory exams. You can try sample lessons for free in Grade 1-5, giving you peace of mind that this resource is the best available for your needs. It’s simple and easy to register for Lifetime Membership giving you and your family access to a huge resource of video tutorials and Q&A lessons for each stage of your learning.